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Extollo Deus

Extollo Deus presents a lay, practical point of view of Christian topics to stimulate contemplation, discussion, and growth in spirituality...

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Extollo Deus

Extollo Deus presents a lay, practical point of view of Christian topics to stimulate contemplation, discussion, and growth in spirituality. Optimistic faith, hope, and LOVE/charity pointed to “Passionate Purposeful Discipleship” and “Fellowship of the Proud” emanates from a Catholic Christian conscience and world-view appropriate for anyone who wants to know and have a personal relationship with God.
Within GOD’s Forgiveness, Mercy, Justice, Blessings, and Graces, Disciples are performance-driven through the power of LOVE!

Passionate Purposeful Catholic Christian Discipleship!” in The Fellowship of the Proud!
Live What I Believe and Believe What I Live!          Living My Faith – My Faith is Me!
A “Passionate Purposeful Catholic Christian Disciple!”(“PPCCD!”) as the ”Best-Me-I-Can-Be!” (“BMICB!”)
“Sincere Life!” (“SL!”) in “Catholic Christian Community and Culture!”  (“CC!”)
“Through Faith, I Can, Do, and Will!” - “Faith demands action” – “ If I believe I can, I will!”
To inspire, motivate, energize, develop, and nurture “passionate, purposeful living” of Catholic Christian spirit and culture as Christ’s Disciple – one soul, one group, one parish, and one diocese at a time!
To inspire, motivate, energize, develop, and nurture “Sincere Life!” and “Catholic Community and Culture!” as a “Passionate Purposeful Catholic Christian Disciple!” and ”Best-Me-I-Can-Be!” to evangelize and support optimistic, purposeful Catholics performance-driven through the power of LOVE as the Church in The Kingdom of God!
“Deus Caritas Est!” [GOD is LOVE!] = Seek, Know, and LOVE GOD! = “O Deus Ego Amo Te!” [O GOD, I LOVE YOU!]
Unrelenting pursuit of the “Essential Purpose of Life = Holiness”!
Faith, Hope, and Charity/Love creating a visible Catholic culture of LOVE, optimism, warmth, and belonging!
“Being there” for others while connecting with sincerity, dignity, and respect!
Passionate Purposeful Catholic Christian Discipleship while acting with courage, challenging the status quo, and finding new ways to grow!
Be the “Best–Me-I-Can-Be!” as I hold myself accountable for results!
Be Proud of who I am, what I believe, and how I act!
To disseminate the “Good News!” of Jesus and the Truth of the “Catholic Faith and Culture!”
To inspire commitment to Faith, Discipleship, and Church Community!
To energize “Catholic Culture” of Faith, Hope, and Charity/LOVE!
To elevate each soul to experience LOVE, dignity, and purpose!
To apply the gifts of the Holy Spirit to energize the “Best-Me-I-Can-Be!” and the “Passionate Purposeful Catholic Christian Disciple!” in the “Serene Life!”, “Catholic Community and Culture!”, and “The Fellowship of the Proud!”
To habitualize intentional prayer and faith-driven works!
To show the world the strength and faith of the proud Catholic! (“The Fellowship of the Proud!”)
To develop a forum for discussion, inspiration, elevation, and promulgation of the sincere life of Catholicism!
To produce discussion and materials which develop the Mission, Vision, Values, and Objectives of Extollo Deus!
To develop and disseminate a simple workable technique for intentional daily prayer!

To motivate passionate purposeful pride and practice of the Catholic Faith - To build The Fellowship of the Proud!”