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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

"Hands to the World"

"Hands to the World”

I chose to deal with life through the LOVE, loyalty, never-stay-down-until-death perseverance, and unrelenting action of the “Hands to the World”!
The left hand – “Hand of Love” - is on the side of the heart, the symbol of Human Right to Life, Respect, and Dignity, LOVE, Faith, Responsibility, Courage, and Loyalty. Its index finger represents that every man and women is different, but equal. The second finger demands one keep one’s head high, to never stay down for anything, and struggle for what one loves and believes, never accepting defeat, until one is down for the count. The ring finger, with or without the ring of marriage on it, pledges one’s loyalty to what and those one LOVES while guaranteeing LOVE, respect, and protection for them until death. The little finger symbolizes that nothing is too small or too insignificant. And, the thumb that symbolizes Jesus holds the fingers together to create the “Hand of LOVE”. In the same way, The Church, Family, and Friendship hold “Passionate Purposeful Catholic Christian Disciples” together through faith and reliance on the LOVE, Power, Graces, Blessings, Mercy, and Providence of God.
Ever working and accomplishing, the LOVING of The Holy Spirit’s might and gifts – knowledge, understanding, wisdom, right judgment, courage, reverence, and wonder and awe - power the “Hand of Action”, the right hand, finishing whatever the left hand begins.  While the “Hand of Love” reaches, beckons, and prays with LOVE, the “Hand of Action accomplishes the worldly tasks that stem from the LOVE of GOD and others.

Just as the hands - Jesus and the Holy Spirit – extend the arms of GOD to envelope us as individuals and humanity to the Father, the “Hands to the World” hold my arms open to envelope those who respond to the invitation of LOVE from my heart or my actions! Thus, the left hand, representing the power of the heart filled with Jesus’s LOVE and the consequent LOVE for others, ever leads the defense for “Dealing with Life” as the right hand provides the powerful action to stop “Wrong” and accomplish “Right.”

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