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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Thoughts on Cultural Beliefs vs. GOD’s Universe

 Many people live life as though it is only happenstance and/or cause and effect over which they have little control! Momentary Happiness instead of sustainable Joy is the goal! Worst of all, pessimism and fatalism destroy trust and optimism. Because of the cultural belief in an amorphous, capricious, indefinable, power called, variously, “luck,” “fate,” “karma”. . . that injudiciously and randomly rewards or punishes no matter what is done, insecurity reigns over assurance and well-being. Life and other people and their motives become suspicious and unpredictable due to Murphy's Law and its unending corollaries that cover everything disliked, distrusted, or misunderstood!

Murphy's Law states: If anything can go WRONG, it WILL!” so The Universal Truth of Murphy’s Law states: “Right action doesn’t always produce Right results and Wrong action doesn’t always produce Wrong results!  Stuff Happens!  Everyone is out for self! Thus, everything is suspect or inconsistent, including LOVE and GOD, so Live With It or Die!”

Murphy’s Law only exists as far as one believes it does! One can blame “Luck or “Fate” or Happenstance or someone else or just “things” for what one does or does not do without claiming responsibility! Life and, especially, death can be ugly, vicious, miserable, lonely, demeaning, meaningless, and valueless!

In the Universe of GOD’s LOVE, Providence, and Free-Will:
Every Journey
 brings Meaning!
Every Acceptance, Every Compromise, or Every Conflict
 sprouts something between Understanding/Empathy/Growth
 and Misunderstanding/Antipathy/Death!
Every Action
produces something between Purpose, Cross Purpose, and Nothing!
Every Joy and every Sorrow!
plants Seeds of something between itself and its opposite!
Every Step or Every Misstep
 restores Safe Footing/Confidence or slides one deeper into the Abyss!
Every Hope or Every Doubt
strengthens or weakens something between Belief and Disbelief!
Every Life
imparts Love and Gist!
LOVE as the defining Rational Act!
“The Self-fulfilling Prophesy” – “If I think I can I will!” carried to the optimistic positive produces the most Life with meaning, understanding, growth, empathy, purpose, joy, safety, confidence, strength, rationality, LOVE . . .

With GOD all things are Good, Right, Just, Merciful, and Loving! And, all persons have the right to life, dignity, respect, and LOVE! Life and, especially, death can be ugly, vicious, miserable, lonely, and demeaning, but always possess and show meaning and value! All “Passionate Purposeful Catholic Christian Disciples” and all other Christian faithful are responsible to think, act, and live LOVE to raise the circumstances, conditions, meaning, and value of all to the highest possible level.

The Universe operates as cause and effect through deliberate actions or happenstance in its own seeming freewill.  However indiscernible to the actors, God’s Providence has a plan that operates in the midst of the seeming chaos. LOVE is the defining rational act!
GOD’s Immutable Universal Truth states: “Right action gets Right results, whereas Wrong action gets Wrong results!  LOVE is the defining rational act!” The Universal Truth demonstrates that right action is reasonable, logical, appropriate, moral, and/or positive, while wrong is unreasonable, illogical, immoral, and/or negative. People have the choices of free will to produce right or wrong actions and results. Thus, one is responsible for what is done or not done! The effects of Right action or Wrong action are not limited, but are dispersed as happenstance and cause and effect results dictate. One can try to be right through the rational, the correct, and the logical only to be deceived through all but LOVE and GOD! One is held for wrong only when the act or lack of action was deliberately wrong.
Because one is God’s instrument or chosen does not exempt one from cause and effect, happenstance, or tempests of evil in life! Everyone, just like Job and all God’s exemplary people, must endure the daily drudgery with the slings and arrows of deliberate action, happenstance, and cause and effect. The Chosen have endured even more through the ages because Life and Evil demand proof for God’s Providence! One must stand proud and strong as the example of the final goodness that Faith will bring because all actions, good or bad, or, right or wrong, lead to greater good. Miracles happen and bring good when desired by God.  Miracles are not happenstance or cause and effect, but always the direct intervention of God.
Life is life!  Deal with it with GOD! The self-fulfilling prophecy – “If you think you can, you will!” or “If you think you can’t, you won’t!” – Rules!  As my Irish ancestors say, even if the glass is nearly empty, it is just waiting to be filled to the fullest so you can drain it again!

Everything, right, good, and useful, I have learned or acquired from living life with Faith and LOVE!  Because I am weak, all else but GOD, LOVE, and Faith have failed me!  The LOVE I gave or received was always right!

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