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Monday, October 2, 2017


I Need Your Help and Prayers!”  Or  “Where are the INQUIRY and RCIA Needers!

The new RCIA has successfully just begun, but I know souls in need of God and the church are still just outside the shadow of our reach. I feel them waiting for a personal call and invitation to bring them to the bridge of trust so they may inquire and feel personally our reached hands to draw them to a personal walk with Jesus and as a loving community bring them to the Christian fellowship of the Church! Please help a soul reach fulfillment in Christ with a personal invitation to inquire and to see!

Our parish is so blessed by the addition of new personalities to our community life through RCIA, never mind that Jesus told us to get out there and bring everyone to the fullness of His LOVE in the faith and the church! Yet, even with the excitement and LOVE being broadcast from the spectacular faithful of St. Matthew’s, I, as the Formation Director of St. Matthew’s, am sitting in a cold, dark, quiet office waiting for the phone to ring or the door to burst open with enthusiastic searchers for the faith! I scream silently into the darkness, “O Where are the seekers after our faith and community!?”

Jesus is gently calling, “Come to Me; I LOVE YOU more than life itself as I proved with Cross! Come be with me in the faith, worship, Eucharist, and LOVE of my Church and community! Come to the Joy of my Peace!”

Like the Shepard I am called to be, I am running over hill and dale looking for the “lost sheep”, but I am so unsuccessful that even the coyotes of Hell have quit following me for the stragglers and all I have to show for my frenetic search is cactus in my toes and whiplash from the sagebrush to my face!

Father says to me, “While you are sitting there in the dark moping and groping for anyone for formation. Call someone and tell them your story so they might be inspired to try Inquiry or RCIA!” It might be a good idea to spin the tale of how the Holy Spirit enticed, prodded, and literally pushed a master sinner like me to Jesus . . .  BUT . . .  “WHO DO YOU CALL WHEN YOU DON’T KNOW WHO NEEDS TO BE CALLED?!”

So . . . I need your HELP and Prayers to find those who need to be called to Jesus and/or the Church! I am on my knees not just for prayer to find those who need us, but also to beg for names or leads to promising people who will benefit from inclusion in our faith, community, and life! You don’t have to be overt; you can be covert! Even anonymous messages or hints will unleash me for a whirlwind of Love or a quiet chat!

PLEASE HELP ME BEFORE I GO MAD AND BECOME A MONK OF THE DARK! Call Dick Holland at 682-3319 ext112  or for technos – dholland@stmatthewswy.org

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